Asked to name a robot, we created the Connected OR

Smith+Nephew, a global medical technology company required a new name for Navio, a hand-held surgical robot.

The market perception was that Navio was a true robotics product and was a tool most suited to assisted surgical navigation.

This misconception had resulted in low product adoption and limited growth within the surgical robotics category.


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Real Intelligence

Challenged with renaming and repositioning Navio. We identified that the real opportunity lay in reimagining the surgical ecosystem, going beyond the initial brief of simply naming the robot.

We created the 'Connected OR', and named this Real Intelligence (R.I.), the harmonious combination of man and machine.

Vital developed the naming convention and branding across the Connected OR product category.

We named this the R.I. Suite with CORI (the core of the OR) at its centre.

With the introduction of R.I. Suite, S+N no longer talk about individual products but the advantages of a connected OR experience.

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