The pain tracker 
in your pocket.

NuVasive are a global medtech organisation with a simple but compelling purpose. They aim to change a patients life every minute. Everything they do is centred around this achievable but attainable goal.

This patient centric proposition would lead NuVasive to take their first step into the B2C market with the introduction of a pain tracking app to aid their patient recovery pathway.


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As NuVasive’s creative partner Vital spearheaded the strategic and creative process, encompassing the naming, branding, and development of an application that would bridge the gap between patients and providers. 

Utilising a user centric approach across naming and messaging, Vital originated the Hana brand and digital application. 

Hana (the Health and Navigation App) empowers patients to track, analyse and share their medical data with healthcare providers, putting them in control of their own health, digitally. 

Hana enables patients to build a virtual picture of their condition, providing an essential step toward achieving an optimal outcome pre and post-op.

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